Knowing the value of a domain name is like knowing the difference between a diamond and a stone.
 Generic Names
Generic: belonging to, characteristic of class or genus.

In the trademark sense, a generic name is one that is not capable of distinguishing the goods of any particular trader from the goods of others.

For many years, it has been well-settled trademark law that a generic name is incapable of identifying the source of such goods by name.

In the Internet era however, a generic domain or web address is most certainly capable of directing consumers to one, and only one, particular company.

By selecting a domain name that consists only of word describing or identifying a popular type of goods or services, the domain owner obtains, in effect a valauble intellectual property right as compared to his competitors.

Although the law of the Internet has only begun to confound trademark attorneys, we at Anderson & Associates celebrate the arrival of the new commodity: generic names online.

Historically, we practitioners, like Trademark Examiners, have shooed away those businesses who have selected names that merely describe their goods or services. In today's new E-conomy however, it now appears that the generic names could be the most valuable ones of all.

 Determining and protecting the value of a generic domain name can be an elusive business - fraught with cybersquatters, Internet prospectors, digital pirates, reverse-domain hijackers and worst still, Internet Domain Registrars acting like blundering fools.
The attorneys behind Generic Names Online recognize the difference between a brand name and a generic name. Do you?

READ UP! - Here are the decisions in a few of the generic domain name disputes we've successfully handled on behalf of Respondents:

INVICTA.COM (decided by NAF - August 3, 2006) (complainant narrowly avoids a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking)  

MOUNTAINVIEWCOUNTRYCLUB.COM (decided by NAF - March 28, 2005) Panel Makes a finding of Reverse Domain Hijacking!

CANDY2U.COM (decided by NAF - June 19, 2003)

CAPITAL.BIZ- (decided by WIPO - July 3, 2002)

FILM.BIZ- (decided by NAF - August 20, 2002)

GRACE.BIZ (decided by WIPO - July 12, 2002)

HUNTER.BIZ (decided by NAF - June 20, 2002)

MUNICH.BIZ - (decided by WIPO - July 1, 2002)

PRINT.BIZ (decided by NAF - June 25, 2002)

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